• Thank you for your email, it was so lovely to see photos of Aurora on her first day at Donna's. She told me that she has a great time there which we are all very happy about!

  • Ethan comes home exhausted from Naomi's so he must be having a fantastic and busy time. We love that he gets to Playgroup he really loves playing outside. Ethan seems settled and has adjusted well. We are very happy, thank you.

    Michelle & Martin
  • Hello Wisia, Andrea and the Team. Seth and I wanted to send a Happy New Years message and wish you all the best for the coming year. We ar eall good down here , Seth still talks about Donna, Barbara and the children. He made some memorable friends in our short time in Auckland. Say hello to everyone for us.

  • Thanks so much for the story, so nice to see what Ethan gets up to when we are not there. We are so happy, he has settled in so well, Moira's wonderful. A friend of mine has just started her child with you and is also giving rave reviews!

    Michelle & Martin
  • Thank you for the lovely pictures, Tom really does love it at Barbara's, should be fun having a fellow play mate!

  • A heartfelt thanks to you all for the care and nurture you have provided for Bruno and Sophia. Donna, Wisia (and Barbara) have been a big part of our lives for the last 4 years...and yes a big part of Bruno's journey ended today with a lovely farewell. The photos & memoirs you have provided are outstanding & will be a treasured keep sake in our family for years to come. How amazing that my trip to Four Square to buy watermelon in the summer of 2009 affected our lives so well! I look forward to seeing you in our wonderful part of the world should a serendipitous moment occur again....

    Nuria and Family with love
  • Many thank for your email and stories....we love having Donna in our lives!

  • Thanks so much for keeping me in the loop, it sounds great that you will be having some mat time after music. Thank you also for the photos of Marshall and the story of him at Playgroup, it's so nice to know he's happy and enjoying himself! He's a happy little boy, we are very lucky.

  • Our family have known Lynne since December 2006. She made us feel welcome, very comfortable and with her always friendly approach I knew immediately that I wanted her to become Emy's child carer. Lynne cared for Emy full time since she was two and a half until she began school. Lynne makes Homebased Childcare an exciting place for children she has acquired an impressive reputation through all her hard work.
  • Congratulations I love your website, it is just fabulous! Well done to you all. I would also like to say how wonderful I think Helen is.I am so lucky having her care for Cole he just loves it there and has really become part of the family. I can't rave enough about Helen it is such a load off my mind knowing that Cole is happy, secure and content when I come to work.