• Clara loves music and dance - one of her favourite things will make an exciting change from  play centre for one day, thank you!

    Rose & Jason
  • Just wanted to say how thrilled I am with Barbara. Tom talks about her all week and loves his Wednesday's with her. I have recommended you to a friend in the Village and told her about Barbara, her son is the same age as Tom.

  • Thanks so much for all your help in the office you are such a good team and so easy to ring and talk to. I can't speak highly enough of you all!

    Jeanine (Educarer)
  • I am blown away with Moira's care of Ethan, it's so lovely to have Moira's mum there too! Can you tell Wisia thank you for her wonderful help in setting up Ethan's care.

  • Our family has had a wonderful experience with Home from Home, in a large part due to my association over the years with Wisia. I've always felt that my kids were in excellent care with Simone, I never had to worry about them, thank you!

  • I have noticed so many changes in my Mace he is becoming a real little man now! He loves books, and has become a lotmore expressive now. I would just like to thank Sherri for being Mason's second mom no words can express how glad I am that I found such a loving day mother for my child.


    Megan (A tribute to our wonderful Educarer Sherri in Stanmore Bay)
  • Thank you for everything we have really enjoyed having the kids with Emma and Home from Home. We will stay in touch and I'm sure in a few years we will be back with Macey xxx

    Jo is a wonderful advocate for new mums and babies specialising in doula, breast feeding, antenatal education and TENS hire www.babybumps.co.nz

    We have loved having you and your children on board with us Jo and look forward to helping you out in the future.

    Jo Spies
  • I am very sad that Veronica can no longer go to Michelle's house we are moving too far away! Veronica and I miss Michelle very much, she was for Veronican like a second mum and her family like a second family to her, thank you!

  • Hi, thanks so much for the FANTASTIC reception on Saturday, enjoy the music. Judi did a wonderful music worksop at our Educarer Mini Conference, everyone loved it!

    Judi - Kindy Rock
  • We have never once had tears when I drop Tomas off in fact he can’t get out of the car quick enough! Tomas loves helping in the garden and other water play games Barbara sets up. Having older son’s of her own I know Tomas is in experienced hands with Barbara, there isn’t much she hasn’t seen before, we have similar ideas on parenting so she really is the perfect match for us.