• Stephanie asks every day if she can go to Karen in the morning and on Thursday I arrived to find her squealing with delight outside. Please pass on our thanks to Karen too.
  • I think the carer's you have at Home from Home are outstanding! The children are well behaved, focussed, participate well and respond fully. I am always very impressed with the quality of care the children at Home from Home recieve.

    Judith Douche, Music Teacher
  • I have nothing but appreciation for all that you have done for my children and I would highly recommend your service to others looking for home based chidlcare. Carrie has been a great choice for our family, thank you for everything!

    Donna Kitching
  • Lynne and the Home from Home Team ae fabulous. Have been and will remain a great part of Clara's life. I am sad to think she is leaving but not for a few months yet. I am sure other mother's will want their little one to take her place and be given the invaluable care and attention that Clara has had. I will remain a strong advocate for the team and continue to recommend Home from Home to others. Regards and thanks.


    Rose & Jason
  • We have been with Home from Home for just over a year, I can't speak highly enough of Rachel. She is always flexible when my plans change, her communication is excellent. She has not had a sick day since we started with her, and few holidays, which she also does her best to accommodate around our plans. Rachel is calm and nurturung, Hanna is doing fabulously and looks forward to seeing Rachel and has never had a problem when I drop her off which shows how well they have bonded. 

  • Our family has had a wonderful experience with Home from Home, in a large part due to my association over the years with Wisia. I've always felt that my kids were in excellent care with Simone, I never had to worry about them, thank you!

  • I so appreciate your feedback. Stephanie seemed very content to be going to Karen today (always a true test when they are happy to return). She delights in being around all of Karen's girls too and like her mum, enjoys being out and about socialising. Thanks for keeping me informed.

  • Hi, thanks so much for the FANTASTIC reception on Saturday, enjoy the music. Judi did a wonderful music worksop at our Educarer Mini Conference, everyone loved it!

    Judi - Kindy Rock
  • Thanks so much for keeping me in the loop, it sounds great that you will be having some mat time after music. Thank you also for the photos of Marshall and the story of him at Playgroup, it's so nice to know he's happy and enjoying himself! He's a happy little boy, we are very lucky.

  • Marshall seems to be doing so well with Kim, so glad he has settled nicely, it really makes a difference to us that we know he is safe and happy.

    Gail and Hal