• Thank you for introducing Helen to us! You were right, Bruno was happy, so much so that we would like to consider a regular time with Helen, thank you too for the photos.

  • A heartfelt thanks to you all and your team for the care and nurture you have provided for Bruno and Sophia. Donna and Barbara have been a big part of our lives for the last 4 years...and yes a big part of Bruno's educational journey ended today with a lovely farewell. The photos and memoirs you have provided are outstanding and will be a treasured keep sake in our family for years to come. How amazing that my trip to Four Square to buy watermellon in the summer of 2009 affected our lives so well!



    Nuria & Rob (with love)
  • We have never once had tears when I drop Tomas off in fact he can’t get out of the car quick enough! Tomas loves helping in the garden and other water play games Barbara sets up. Having older son’s of her own I know Tomas is in experienced hands with Barbara, there isn’t much she hasn’t seen before, we have similar ideas on parenting so she really is the perfect match for us.
  • Huw is clearly enjoying himself with Emma and Home from Home Steve and I are thrilled with how her is getting on!

  • Hi Andrea, it was lovely to meet you and the team today at playgroup, thanks for inviting us along. I really clicked with Kim, she lives just across the road from me and she sounds like the best option. I would love to meet up with her again.Marshall is now happily in care with Kim and her group of children, Andrea.

  • Clara loves music and dance - one of her favourite things will make an exciting change from  play centre for one day, thank you!

    Rose & Jason
  • How lovely - thanks Andrea. A picture tells a thousand words, and Huw's clearly had a fantastic time at the party. He was so excited when he left home this morning! Thank's for putting this event on for them - what a wonderful occasion for the children. We're looking forward to hearing Huw's stories when he gets home, he'll be beside himself!

  • Wow Andrea! What a beautiful story (feels like I was there). Being a teacher myself I know how much effort goes into these stories so your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  • Hello Wisia, Andrea and the Team. Seth and I wanted to send a Happy New Years message and wish you all the best for the coming year. We ar eall good down here , Seth still talks about Donna, Barbara and the children. He made some memorable friends in our short time in Auckland. Say hello to everyone for us.

  • A big thank you to all you wonderful behind the scenes workers, every morning when I drop Ethan off & when I pick him up I thank my lucky stars that we found you guys. I work in early childhood and I know that we made the right choice for our child. He pulled himself up for the first time yesterday, and neither me nor Martyn were sad to have missed it as he had all his littel friends at Moira's there cheering him on and that made our week! So again thanks to all of you that make if possible, and choosing such a wonderful home educarer to take care of our child.