• I so appreciate your feedback. Stephanie seemed very content to be going to Karen today (always a true test when they are happy to return). She delights in being around all of Karen's girls too and like her mum, enjoys being out and about socialising. Thanks for keeping me informed.

  • We are really lucky to have Helen care for Cole. Thank you Wisia and the team for all your hard work too in helping sort out care over the holidays it is really working out well.

  • We love Desiree I was "stoked" my son's care yesterday on his very first day, thank you!

  • I have noticed so many changes in my Mace he is becoming a real little man now! He loves books, and has become a lotmore expressive now. I would just like to thank Sherri for being Mason's second mom no words can express how glad I am that I found such a loving day mother for my child.


    Megan (A tribute to our wonderful Educarer Sherri in Stanmore Bay)
  • Hi Andrea – thanks for this it is gorgeous to see the pictures and read about what Maddie has been doing.
  • I couldn't be happier with Emma and the care the boys are receiving. Jacob has settled in very well and I think Brooklyn loves having his little brother there too. Emma is doing a wonderful job, if she wasn't full already I would be recomending her to everyone!

  • I am very sad that Veronica can no longer go to Michelle's house we are moving too far away! Veronica and I miss Michelle very much, she was for Veronican like a second mum and her family like a second family to her, thank you!

  • Lynne has cared for Madeline since she was six months old. Lynne is reliable, trustworthy, loving and fun. She is committed to childen's education and their general well-being. Madeline gets as good (if not better) care than at any Pre-school!
  • Hi Andrea, thank you so much for sending this through, it is a great story that had me laughing! Lace loves Lynne and playing with Ella and Zoe - whose names she can clearly say now! I am feeling the pressure, whenever I get Lace in the car she's asking me to go to "Lynne's" house haha! But I wouldn't want it any other way. Thanks for everything you ladies do.

    Chrissie and Blair
  • Thanks so much for the learning story Wisia, how neat! Callum was happy to be dropped off at Barbara's today, so all seems to be going well.