• We liked Lynne immediately, Zoe loves being with her. Lynne is incredibly warm, friendly and down to earth, she has clear boundaries for the children which is very important.
    Doug and Shelly
  • Marshall seems to be doing so well with Kim, so glad he has settled nicely, it really makes a difference to us that we know he is safe and happy.

    Gail and Hal
  • Thank you so much for your email, it was so lovely to see photos of Aurora on her first day at Donna's. She has told me that she has a great time there which we are all very happy about!

  • Thanks so much Wisia, Baxter is doing really well with Simone, I'm very happy, she is doing a great job.

  • In response to my enthusiastic comments on website update!

    Thank you so much that's awesome Amber I am so excited about this, this is going to make a difference, I love it, love it!

    That's great to hear Andrea, you're an awesome company to work for!

    Amber (website designer)
  • Hope things are going well. Just wanted to tell you how great I thought the website was well done all the team because I bet it took hours and hours.Zoe loves her visits to the office, she tells us all about it!

  • Just a quick message to say we have had a look at your website and think it's great! Connor will love seeing the photos of you all especially his friends. We talk about back home a lot, and Lynne's name often pops up! However we have settled into life in Aussie pretty well, the only thing we will never get used to are the flies! Love to you all at Home from Home.

    Amy and Connor
  • We have loved the care that Ilia has recieved from Moira. I know Ilia wil really miss her days at Moira's house. It has really meant a lot to me that Moira is such a kind person, always ready with hugs etc. She is definitely the kind of person that I wanted to care for my daughter when I couldn't.

  • Ethan comes home exhausted from Naomi's so he must be having a fantastic and busy time. We love that he gets to Playgroup he really loves playing outside. Ethan seems settled and has adjusted well. We are very happy, thank you.

    Michelle & Martin
  • Hi Andrea, it was lovely to meet you and the team today at playgroup, thanks for inviting us along. I really clicked with Kim, she lives just across the road from me and she sounds like the best option. I would love to meet up with her again.Marshall is now happily in care with Kim and her group of children, Andrea.