• We are noticing a big diference in Ngakau his language & develment have stepped up, he's happy and relaxed at pick up time, Donna does a great job! While on the subject I am so impressed with Home from Home you are so good at listening & making everyone happy you obviously have our best interests at heart thank you!

  • We have never once had tears when I drop Tomas off in fact he can’t get out of the car quick enough! Tomas loves helping in the garden and other water play games Barbara sets up. Having older son’s of her own I know Tomas is in experienced hands with Barbara, there isn’t much she hasn’t seen before, we have similar ideas on parenting so she really is the perfect match for us.
  • I am so impressed with Emma. I am a working mum and have been worried about toilet training Brooklyn. With Emma on board in two weeks he is doing well. Without Emma's help and understanding Brooklyn would still be in nappies. Emma does a fantastic job with my boys I am so thankful to have her as their carer. Also a big thank you for everything Home from home has done. Without a doubt I will recommend you to everyone I know!

  • Hi Andrea, looks like my boy had a great day! He was very happy when I picked him up. Sarah did an awesome job!

  • Thank's heaps for the photos! Glad to see Sid had a good time at the Christmas Party it was a good distraction from the disruption at home with the arrival of little Vincent. It's been really nice for him to go to Sonya's where everything is the same as usual and he has her boys to play with and wear him out! Merry Christmas to you too.

    Emma & Ross
  • Marshall seems to be doing so well with Kim, so glad he has settled nicely, it really makes a difference to us that we know he is safe and happy.

    Gail and Hal
  • I so appreciate your feedback. Stephanie seemed very content to be going to Karen today (always a true test when they are happy to return). She delights in being around all of Karen's girls too and like her mum, enjoys being out and about socialising. Thanks for keeping me informed.

  • Lynne and the Home from Home Team ae fabulous. Have been and will remain a great part of Clara's life. I am sad to think she is leaving but not for a few months yet. I am sure other mother's will want their little one to take her place and be given the invaluable care and attention that Clara has had. I will remain a strong advocate for the team and continue to recommend Home from Home to others. Regards and thanks.


    Rose & Jason
  • Hi Andrea. What a lovely little story thanks for sending it through. Great to get a "fly on the wall" type snap shot of the activities Huw gets involved with and the people he interacts with. He sure does like being outside, and has become a confident wee boy which I am sure has been influenced by the social opportunities he gets being in Emma's care. Thanks for your time yesterday it was good to talk.

    We are always here for you and your family Anwen, it is so exciting knowing that Regan too will be with up next year - wonderful. All the best Andrea.

  • I am blown away with Moira's care of Ethan, it's so lovely to have Moira's mum there too! Can you tell Wisia thank you for her wonderful help in setting up Ethan's care.