• I think the carer's you have at Home from Home are outstanding! The children are well behaved, focussed, participate well and respond fully. I am always very impressed with the quality of care the children at Home from Home recieve.

    Judith Douche, Music Teacher
  • Thank you for everything we have really enjoyed having the kids with Emma and Home from Home. We will stay in touch and I'm sure in a few years we will be back with Macey xxx

    Jo is a wonderful advocate for new mums and babies specialising in doula, breast feeding, antenatal education and TENS hire www.babybumps.co.nz

    We have loved having you and your children on board with us Jo and look forward to helping you out in the future.

    Jo Spies
  • I have noticed so many changes in my Mace he is becoming a real little man now! He loves books, and has become a lotmore expressive now. I would just like to thank Sherri for being Mason's second mom no words can express how glad I am that I found such a loving day mother for my child.


    Megan (A tribute to our wonderful Educarer Sherri in Stanmore Bay)
  • In response to my enthusiastic comments on website update!

    Thank you so much that's awesome Amber I am so excited about this, this is going to make a difference, I love it, love it!

    That's great to hear Andrea, you're an awesome company to work for!

    Amber (website designer)
  • I can't speak highly enough of Rachel (in Helensville). Rachel is calm and nurturing, her and Hanna have bonded well, she also looks after my son before and after school she even suggested she take him to swimming lessons - tied in with her own daughter. I was worried he would miss out due to mine and my husbands work schedules, but now he gets to do this. Rachel's home set up is fabulous, with lots of outdoor fun to be had as well as contact with animals. She takes the children on impromtu trips sometimes too. Rachel is a real asset for your team!

  • A big thank you to all you wonderful behind the scenes workers, every morning when I drop Ethan off & when I pick him up I thank my lucky stars that we found you guys. I work in early childhood and I know that we made the right choice for our child. He pulled himself up for the first time yesterday, and neither me nor Martyn were sad to have missed it as he had all his littel friends at Moira's there cheering him on and that made our week! So again thanks to all of you that make if possible, and choosing such a wonderful home educarer to take care of our child.

  • We love Desiree I was "stoked" my son's care yesterday on his very first day, thank you!

  • I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone at all that needs childcare in the future, in fact I was recommending you to some mums just last weekend.
  • A heartfelt thanks to you all and your team for the care and nurture you have provided for Bruno and Sophia. Donna and Barbara have been a big part of our lives for the last 4 years...and yes a big part of Bruno's educational journey ended today with a lovely farewell. The photos and memoirs you have provided are outstanding and will be a treasured keep sake in our family for years to come. How amazing that my trip to Four Square to buy watermellon in the summer of 2009 affected our lives so well!



    Nuria & Rob (with love)
  • Thanks so much for keeping me in the loop, it sounds great that you will be having some mat time after music. Thank you also for the photos of Marshall and the story of him at Playgroup, it's so nice to know he's happy and enjoying himself! He's a happy little boy, we are very lucky.