• You are fantastic advocates for the Educarers and the children. There is a marked difference between Home from Home and other companies we are very happy with Finn's care, thank you

    Andy Patterson
  • Hi Andrea, thank you so much for sending this through, it is a great story that had me laughing! Lace loves Lynne and playing with Ella and Zoe - whose names she can clearly say now! I am feeling the pressure, whenever I get Lace in the car she's asking me to go to "Lynne's" house haha! But I wouldn't want it any other way. Thanks for everything you ladies do.

    Chrissie and Blair
  • Thanks for the lovely story about your visit to Tammy's. It's nice to know that Matthew is a pleasant little chap even when I'm not around! Matthew realy enjoys being at Tammy's who is very kind and caring she provides the children with varied activities, allowing them plenty of space for more boisterous games. We feel totally at ease knowing that Matthew is being well cared for.  

  • I couldn't be happier with Emma and the care the boys are receiving. Jacob has settled in very well and I think Brooklyn loves having his little brother there too. Emma is doing a wonderful job, if she wasn't full already I would be recomending her to everyone!

  • Stephanie asks every day if she can go to Karen in the morning and on Thursday I arrived to find her squealing with delight outside. Please pass on our thanks to Karen too.
  • Clara loves music and dance - one of her favourite things will make an exciting change from  play centre for one day, thank you!

    Rose & Jason
  • Ethan comes home exhausted from Naomi's so he must be having a fantastic and busy time. We love that he gets to Playgroup he really loves playing outside. Ethan seems settled and has adjusted well. We are very happy, thank you.

    Michelle & Martin
  • Lynne and the Home from Home Team ae fabulous. Have been and will remain a great part of Clara's life. I am sad to think she is leaving but not for a few months yet. I am sure other mother's will want their little one to take her place and be given the invaluable care and attention that Clara has had. I will remain a strong advocate for the team and continue to recommend Home from Home to others. Regards and thanks.


    Rose & Jason
  • Lynne has become like one of the family over the past two years as Eva's carer. Lynne is an excellent teacher who always found a way to see Eva's strengths and brought the best out in her. We were sad when Eva started school, we are lucky that Eva still sees Lynne regularly when she still receives kisses and cuddles!
    Jay and Nicole
  • We have never once had tears when I drop Tomas off in fact he can’t get out of the car quick enough! Tomas loves helping in the garden and other water play games Barbara sets up. Having older son’s of her own I know Tomas is in experienced hands with Barbara, there isn’t much she hasn’t seen before, we have similar ideas on parenting so she really is the perfect match for us.